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Winter Service & Auto Repair For Your Vehicle | Autotailor in Greeley Can Help!

Winter auto repair and car service in Greeley COComplete Your Winter Auto Repair Or Maintenance Before The Cold Hits In Greeley, CO

Another Northern Colorado Winter is rapidly approaching and you know what that means: the necessity of a winter auto repair may creep up on you when you’re least expecting it! Extreme drops in temperature, subzero wind chill, snow and ice are just some of the challenges we as Colorado drivers face during the upcoming season and your vehicle takes the brunt of it all. If you’re due for routine maintenance or repair, it’s imperative that those items be completed before the weather gets worse as Front Range weather conditions and drastic weather changes can cause that small issue in your car to rapidly magnify into a much bigger issue. It’s also a good idea to complete a simple self-prep to your vehicle to ensure it’s in tip-top condition all winter long. Check out these auto service tips from the experts at Autotailor.

Tires Service Center & Sales

Check your tires for thread depth and air pressure. Overtime your tires become worn out and the thread depth becomes uneven. It’s important to check the depth to make sure your tire can keep traction and avoid slips on wet and icy roads. Air pressure is just as important! When the temperature drops by 10 degrees your tires drop a pound of air. Check your tires and spare tires when the temperature changes drastically. Need or replace the tires on your car, truck or van? Autotailor provides a complete line of brand name tires all competitively priced. Call us today to schedule your winter auto repair tire service appointment!

Car Battery Service

A battery tends to last up to 3 years. If you’re nearing that life cycle you should bring your car to our auto repair center in Greeley, CO to ensure it’s fully charged. If the battery isn’t fully charged it can freeze and die when the temperature drops. One of our certified Greeley Autotailor technicians can check if you need to recharge or buy a new battery.

Automotive Oil Change

You should regularly bring your vehicle in for routine auto repair services and an oil changes. However, if you haven’t kept up with it, the time to change it is now! The oil is what keeps your car running smoothly and efficiently! When first placed in your car it’s thin and a light honey color. Overtime the oil becomes contaminated, which causes it to thicken and become sticky. This makes the engine in your car work harder, and may lead to expensive auto service repairs.

Heating System Repair

When you have to get up early on cold mornings you want make sure you’re at least warm in the car. Now is the time to make sure that the air system is working properly and that your filters are changed. Not sure what to look for or think your car may be having issues? Give us a call or contact us online today! Autotailor in Greeley, CO can help!

Headlight Replacement

Cold and snowy weather can bring foggy, freezing visibility to your drive. Check and replace your bulbs and headlights at our Greeley auto service center. We even provide headlight restoration services to ensure you have clear sight of the road.

Why Are My Brakes Squeaking? A Road Safety Reminder.

Road accidents can catch us off guard and possibly cause serious harm. Brakes that are operating at 100% are a life line when traveling,  so if your brakes are making squeaking noises and you choose not to have them checked by a qualified auto mechanic, you may be at risk. Brakes are undeniably one of the most important safety features of automobiles so it is vital to have them working properly in times when you need them most.

Squeaky brakes or the lack of brake fluid are just some factors that can cause problems. All of these can panic a seasoned driver as well as a newbie at a moment’s notice. While some brake noise is normal, loud and persistent squeaking requires a visit to the mechanic.  Here are some DIY road safety tips that you can easily do to fix the noise problem:

– Apply dampening paste or milk spray on the brake pads.
– Replace any shims or clips that are loose.
– Check the brake rotor or drum for grooving or wear.
– Check for loose parts and replace if necessary.
– Use sand paper, resurface the rotors.
– Use high quality brake pads.

With the options above, it is still highly advisable that you let a professional check your brakes out first. They can provide you with expert advice and quality service that you need. A professional auto mechanic can also help differentiate between squeaking that indicates a problem, and squeaking that is normal. However, when brakes are near to going bad, they are designed to make noise which is a clear and early sign that they need replacement.

Questions about squeaking brakes? Give Autotailor a call today at (970) 353-3401.

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