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Routine Auto Maintenance…Are You Shortening Your Vehicle’s Life Span?

When you drive your car, it is important that it drives smoothly, gets great mileage and keeps you safe. This is where routine auto maintenance becomes more important. Routine auto maintenance is what keeps you from drifting as you drive or your engine from making loud noises. It keeps your belts running smoothly and your engine operating in peak performance.  Performing routine maintenance and knowing when your car needs to be serviced can save you a lot of time, money in unnecessary repair costs, and make your overall driving experience more enjoyable.

The Importance of Motor Oil

Many of the routine maintenance tasks we perform have to do with fluid levels. Oil is one of the most important levels to check because without the proper amount of oil, your whole engine can become damaged and even seize up costing you thousands in engine replacement costs. The oil keeps parts from rubbing together as you drive, and it is one of the easiest and most common fluids to replace. Simply check your oil levels once a week and replace as necessary. Every three months or 5000 miles, you should take your car to Autotailor to have an oil change.

A Note on Warrantees

Many vehicles come with mileage warrantees that are designed to protect you financially should something major break on the vehicle.  Not performing and documenting routine auto maintenance can void these warrantees leaving you on the hook financially for the repairs to your vehicle.  Always document all routine maintenance visits!

Checking Other Fluids

Your car has other important fluids that need to be maintained at certain levels. These fluids include brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant and windshield wiper fluid. The needs of a vehicle will vary a little bit depending on the make, model and type, but in general, keeping these fluid levels optimal is essential to your vehicle running at its best. Check your owner’s manual to see where the fluid can be checked and replaced in your vehicle or simple come into Autotailor and we’ll handle it for you.

Maintaining Your Tires

Having perfect tires is crucial to driving. In order to keep your tires working efficiently, you will need to check the tire pressure and alignment on a regular basis. If your tire looks like it is lacking air or one of your tires is having uneven wear, get your tire pressure and alignment checked immediately.  If the same tire becomes low on air again you may have a leak that can be plugged. When you get your oil changed, have your Autotailor mechanic inspect and balance your tires.

Replacing Worn Parts

Aside from oils and fluids, there are some parts that get worn as you drive. These parts need to be replaced on a regular basis in order to keep the car moving safely. The most common parts to replace due to normal wear and tear include brake pads and mufflers. These replacements should be performed by a qualified mechanic.

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