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Winter Survival Tips: When You’re Stranded in Your Car

We’ve had a mild and warm fall in Northern Colorado this year, but winter is just around the corner. You can bet we’ll get our normal allocation of snow and cold weather. When the ice, snow, and blizzards arrive, make sure you’re prepared to brave the elements without fear with our winter survival tips. ItRead More

Winter Driving: Fuel Economy Tricks

Fuel economy tricks are helpful to anyone who cares to save money and use their vehicle as efficiently as possible. Your fuel economy is affected by a number of different things, including your vehicle condition, driving speed, acceleration, traffic, road conditions, and even weather. As you most likely already know, vehicles tend to use more fuelRead More

4 Advantages of Synthetic Oil

We’ve all been there. In the oil aisle of the auto parts store or the gas station, staring at the many options for motor oil. On one hand, you have conventional oil and its lower cost. On the other hand, you have the specialized properties of synthetic oil for all kinds of different vehicles. IsRead More

Three Ways to Prevent Auto Breakdowns

Breaking down on the open road is a common fear for anyone who’s been on a road trip. Sure, auto breakdowns happen often on long road trips, but they can also happen when you’re going to the store or to work, and they are just as common and costly. Cars break down for many reasons,Read More

16 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Autumn and Winter

Cold weather car preparation. Four words that should be at the top of all Greeley and Northern Colorado driver’s lists as the start of autumn is just around the bend. Leaves are starting to turn and we’ve already begun to experience a few nights and days with cooler temperatures. Fall is the perfect time toRead More

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