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Brake Fluid Testing – Is It Necessary?

When you are tackling the roads of Greeley on a daily basis, you may give little thought on considering the level of your brake fluid. This is a big mistake as this seemingly insignificant fluid in your vehicle can have a big impact on the safety of you, your loved ones and other drivers. To stay on top of things it is important that you have brake fluid testing carried out and levels topped off when needed.


Brake fluid testing is the process of testing for moisture in the brake fluid of a vehicle. The only standard way of carrying out this testing is to boil the brake fluid.


Checking Your Brake Fluid for Moisture


On the back of every brake fluid bottle, there is a chart demonstrating the dry and wet boiling points of all the different grades of brake fluid. Manufacturers of the brake fluid use a test procedure known as the Equilibrium Reflux Boiling Point to find out the boiling point of the brake fluid. As brake fluid testing is performed in a laboratory, this process can take hours to start and complete.


The quickest way of performing the brake fluid test can be achieved by making use of a tester, which is designed to test the boiling point of the brake fluid in the vehicle within 30 seconds with digital precision. It performs well on all grades of the brake fluid and shows exactly what level the brake fluid has boiled at, and what the minimums of the Department of Transportation are for each grade. This simplifies the process of changing the brake fluid for the customer and the technician.


Once the vehicle’s brake fluid has been changed, the workshop can offer to test the brake fluid again by making use of the tester, to clearly demonstrate the improved effects on the new brake fluid. Consumers should also be aware that the new brake fluid from a conserved bottle can be used for each brake change.


 Get Yours Tested Today


The brake fluid is an item for the safety of the vehicle as well as for the driver. However, most drivers in Greeley, Colorado do not know the importance of the brake fluid test! They know about their oil and windshield wiper fluid, but both repair garages and vehicle manufacturers have mostly ignored the brake fluid test, which is not safe for both the vehicle and the driver. If it has been a while since you had your brake fluid levels checked, get yours checked today!

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