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Top 5 Most Expensive Automotive Repairs

Automobile repair jobs can be very expensive. Chances are, if you have gone more than three months without a routine check-up, there are some repairs you may have to pay for the next time you take your car in for servicing.  To avoid huge repair costs and damage to your car, take a look at the five most expensive automotive repairs and some tips to avoid paying for them in the future.


Hybrid Inverter Assembly.

Hybrid technology saves you money at the gas pump, but repairing systems in hybrid cars can be tricky. A good way to avoid this is to have the inverter assembly inspected before you reach 75,000 miles. This repair job is the most expensive auto repair in Greeley.


Transmission and Torque Converter Replacement.

Torque converters can wear out or sustain heavy damage over time. The best way to prevent a full replacement is to watch for the warning signs of torque converter damage: overheating, slipping, shuddering, dirty fluid, high stall speeds, and strange noises.


Transfer Case Shift Motor Replacement.

On some automobiles, you can switch between 2 and 4 Wheel Drive with a switch near the steering wheel. When this mechanism breaks down, it is very expensive to fix. One way to avoid a total replacement is to avoid using the switch frequently while driving.


Transmission Replacement.

The dreaded transmission replacement takes mechanics time and effort to replace, driving costs up. The best way to avoid total transmission system replacement is to frequently check the transmission fluid. Also, pay attention to any unusual sounds or behaviors when you’re driving. Take the car into the shop to catch the problem early.


Fuel Injection Pump Replacement.

You can avoid this problem with a can of fuel injector cleaner. Regularly flush this cleaner through your fuel system to remove particles that can gum up the whole system.

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